Friends & Family Investors

A good read from, written by former VXG client Mitch Free.  -Chris Mangum

4/22/2013 @ 4:18PM |

Entrepreneurs: If You Love Your Family, Don’t Let Them Invest in Your Startup

When an entrepreneur is starting a new business they usually do not have the cash to fund the startup purely by themselves and will therefor need to find investors.  They often think of turning to family and friends for the initial funding, as it is sometimes easier to raise money from them than through other avenues.  Your family thinks you hung the moon and your friends trust you. They know what […]

Thoughts about Angel Lunches/Dinners

As someone who has attended my fair share of these angel events with clients, for our own companies and as guests, here are some of the lessons learned and some thoughts about these events.

Paying to Present

I am typically not a fan of paying to access the organizer’s network without getting much other benefit.  I understand these organizers have bills to pay, but I have not seen many deals getting done out of these groups which fit the profile of the companies with which we work.

If you think it may be worthwhile to pay for one of these meetings, make […]