Venture X Group can handle a wide variety of projects ranging from strategy development to operational reviews as detailed below.  In these cases, we work on a project by project basis where we work with clients to define the scope of what is needed and then execute the work in a timely manner.

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Strategy Development

In an established company, the development of a sound strategy can propel you to the next level.  Venture X Group evaluates where an organization presently stands, where they want to go, and crafts an appropriate plan for moving forward.  VXG begins by reviewing the current landscape, including competitors, opportunities, threats and the company’s strengths and weaknesses.  Next, areas that offer room for growth such as new verticals and markets are studied.  Finally, new product and service offers that have the potential to increase market share are analyzed.  Unlike other companies who stop with a review, VXG delivers a methodology for accomplishing goals by outlining reasonable, achievable milestones and can also help execute by augmenting the existing team.  This helps ensure that your company can stay on-track by working through the outlined action items.

Business Plan Review

For companies who have already developed a business plan, or who require a less comprehensive analysis, a business plan review offers a critique of your company’s existing outline and its various components.  Venture X Group looks for inaccurate assumptions, gaps in the information and anticipates areas where investors and corporate executives may require additional information to make informed decisions.  We also study whether the numbers provided actually add up – a step usually taken for granted but one that often yields surprising results.  By knowing that every angle has been scrutinized and verified, this thorough review offers companies and investors the security and confidence needed to move forward.

Business Plan Development

Whether your company is a startup, seeking to raise funds and enter the market, or an established company looking to launch a new product or service, a well developed business plan is crucial to success.  Companies must take a deep dive and study all key components such as the size of the market, the size of the opportunity, competitive threats and what resources – both financial and personnel related – will be needed to go after the opportunity and support company growth.  Venture X Group compiles this critical insight by combining market research with industry expertise and real-world experience to develop an integrated business plan.  VXG lays out the path to market and provides relevant, actionable recommendations to help your company reach its goals.

Financial Modeling

Financial modeling monetizes an idea, showing companies what operationalizing their business will look like.  Beyond just a simple accounting approach, Venture X Group not only produces the typical pro forma financials such as income statements, cash flow and other definable expenditures, but also develops customized modules which capture the critical variables that must be considered when determining when a company can expect to realize a return.  These modules include market sizing, the investment required to build the product or offer the service, and the ongoing functional expenses of producing, selling and supporting the product or service.  Simply put, when completing a financial model, VXG takes your assumptions and makes them real, providing a solid framework for going to market.


Valuation is more of an art than a science and VXG’s valuation engagements are oriented around a transaction to sell, buy or invest in a business.  VXG studies a company’s current situation, its challenges for becoming operational, and its potential for revenue and growth.  By doing so, the valuation becomes a tool for establishing the worth of a business and tailors it for your objectives.

Product Development

While a good idea for a new product is a crucial first step, it doesn’t ensure success.  What’s needed is a business perspective – an objective look at the opportunity that outlines its strengths, weaknesses, and obstacles to realizing a positive return.  Venture X Group works from a solid technical base, assuring a working knowledge of the software and hardware development and a practical business base –assuring a deep understanding of what will be required for startup and ongoing customer support. VXG also looks at factors such as the size of the market, what feature sets customers demand, the cost outlays needed for production and what price the market will bear.  This information combines to set realistic expectations and creates a workable plan for product development.

Industry/Market Assessment

Who are the current competitors in your market space?  Are there upcoming players who represent a threat?  What is a reasonable goal for market share?  What is the anticipated growth of this market and at what rate will this occur?  Whether you’re a startup looking to attract investors, or an established company looking to expand, having answers to questions like these is critical to predicting success.  Venture X Group takes a comprehensive look at your given industry and market, providing you an objective perspective about its current state and allowing you to determine whether your current plans are feasible, if the risk is too great, or if expectations need to be realigned. We also look at where the market is heading – helping your company evaluate whether additional products, features or competitive differentiators will be needed to establish or increase a presence in the industry.

Feasibility Studies

Feasibility studies evaluate, from a high-level perspective, whether or not a product can be commercialized.  These studies will tell a company whether a market exists for their proposed product or service, if the cost to go to market outweighs the potential revenue, and whether their allocated resources will provide adequate support.  A feasibility study offers an initial view into a company’s plans and can minimize risk by providing guidance as to whether the plans need to be modified, increased in scope, or reassessed before moving forward.

Due Diligence/Transaction Support

Prior to making an investment, or before investors are sought or closed upon, doing an inventory validating the company’s potential is prudent.  This due diligence process should include a review of the business plan, a study of the company’s historical performance and an assessment of the opportunity.  For investors, Venture X Group can manage the entire process or just a portion of it.  VXG can also be relied upon to provide honest feedback about the potential investment by reviewing provided documentation and conducting an independent analysis.  For companies, VXG can manage the internal process, evaluate term sheets and assist with negotiating final agreements.

Management Team Facilitation

A successful management team possesses a careful balance of experience, industry expertise, and chemistry.  But maximizing a team’s strengths and ensuring cross-functional communication can often best be facilitated by an impartial, third-party.  Venture X Group shows departments how to work together by eliminating internal bias and strife.  VXG helps companies establish accountability, outline what level of support each department needs from the others and create action plans that utilize the best qualities of their management team.  By working from a company’s universal objectives, VXG identifies how departments can work together to accomplish common goals.

Advisory Board Development

Oftentimes, liability concerns inhibit companies from creating a formal Board of Directors.  Without this group, investors and internal company members can be left without external insights into the company’s performance.  An Advisory Board can accomplish those goals without the formality and liability.  If a company does seek to establish an Advisory Board, VXG will evaluate the company’s needs and identify desired member traits.  For example, perhaps a company would benefit from having a well connected member from a specific vertical, or maybe someone with specific operational expertise could help propel the company forward.  If needed, VXG can also help in the recruitment process to ensure the best possible team composition.

Operational Reviews

Oftentimes, the impartiality brought by an outsider yields greater insight into the workings of a company – showing where it is successful and where room for improvement exists.  Venture X Group studies the functional areas of your company, assesses them against your own goals and benchmarks you against the rest of your industry.  The operational review uses your own metrics to evaluate where you actually are, versus where you think you are and where you want to go.  This review can be comprehensive, looking at the company as a whole, or focus on specific areas such as sales or production.  By combining market research with a study of your company’s actual results, a complete view of performance is developed, allowing you to create action plans for success.