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Venture X Group was founded in the late-90’s, as the first generation of the web and the second generation of wireless networks were taking hold and presaging the mobile web phenomenon that we take for granted today.  Since then, we at VXG have experienced (and helped to influence) the evolution from the humble act of dialing into a modem bank to access the Internet to today’s sublime experience of social networking or navigating via an iPhone or Android device.  In the middle, we participated in fitful leaps of innovation and entrepreneurship, sending faxes over analog cellular networks via a Sony PDA running a General Magic operating system in the mid 90’s, mobile web-browsing on a Nokia 9000 running WAP in the late 90’s, building 2G and 3G and 4G wireless networks and the broadband networks that feed them in the early 2000’s, the extinction of the long distance carrier, the rise and fall of various device makers as the pendulum swung back and forth between the PDA form factor and the smartphone for over a decade.  While it looks to today’s teenager like it all happened overnight, it has taken decades and billions of dollars of venture capital and corporate investment to enable today’s elegant mobile web experience.  When Google was incorporated in Menlo Park in 1998, not even Larry and Sergey likely imagined that they would someday acquire Motorola and own the most prevalent mobile operating system on the planet.  They were a search engine company.  When Mark Andreasson developed the Mosaic browser interface in the Midwest and James Clark funded Andreasson and team to leverage that code into what became Netscape, did they really know that they were advancing human communication in such a profound way?

The point is that it was Andy Bechtolsheim’s $100,000 seed investment in August 1998 that gave Google wings.  And now, fifteen years later, they are a US$50 Billion revenue company with over 50,000 employees and a market cap in excess of US$250 Billion.  It all starts with a first step.

The accelerating pace of innovation continues to create tremendous opportunities for those willing to seize them.  And we are here to help.

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